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Uplevel Consulting

Uplevel Consulting is Sam Ovens' intermediate training program (2 of 3), which includes Consulting Accelerator (check out my review), Uplevel Consulting, and Quantum Mastermind. The goal of Uplevel Consulting is to train consultants how to scale their operation to 7 or 8 figures. The program will introduce systems and concepts to guide the consultant to leverage a more efficient online model versus the typical done-for-you, one-on-one, or agency service - which generally has a ceiling after getting a certain number of consulting clients. Thus, Uplevel Consulting provides the consultant more freedom as well as making much more money in the process.


What is Uplevel Consulting?

Uplevel Consulting is a 9 week training program from Sam Ovens on how to scale your consulting agency or coaching program beyond 6 figures. To best understand Uplevel Consulting, let's dive back into Consulting Accelerator, which is Sam Ovens' training program for people who are new to consulting and starting a business.

The concept behind Consulting Accelerator is to introduce consulting concepts and to train people on how to start a consulting business. The program also teaches strategies on how to get consulting clients as well. The consulting models leverage in Consulting Accelerator will typically be through "done for you", "one on one", or an "agency" style model. Earnings for consultants here generally top out at 6 figures or even low 7 figures annually.

The bottleneck facing these three models is that these consultants will soon reach a ceiling because you're literally trading time for dollars. For example, as the number of your clientele increases, so is the time you must put in to service them. This is where Consulting Accelerator ends and Uplevel Consulting takes over.

Uplevel Consulting Week1

With Uplevel Consulting,  you will learn how to develop a new business model where you can escape doing the labor yourself. This can be achieved by creating a product and systems where you can still be able to service you clients at the highest level, over and over again without you being involved directly with the clients.

Uplevel Consulting also enables one to grow to 7 or 8 figures by moving to group coaching programs, and online courses. It does this be leveraging full scale pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and automations. It is all about new efficient systems and scaling.


What's Inside Of Uplevel Consulting?

The goal of Uplevel Consulting is to achieve this happy balance known as "Consulting Nirvana". It is a place where systems are in place that will have the ability to take complete strangers to paying clients. And then train them to get results better than you could one-on-one without having to do anything. It will be fully automated and making you at least 100k per month.

So, to achieve Consulting Nirvana, one just needs to align the 4 components below to do it. It's that simple.

Uplevel Consulting Nirvana


Here's the road map to the 9 weeks of Uplevel Consulting:

Week One - Mapping Your MVC

1.1 The road that lays ahead
1.2 Fundamentals first
1.3 Switching to the new model
1.4 Mapping your MVC
1.5 Crafting your offer

Week Two - Sell Before Build

2.1 Why sell before build
2.2 How we get customers
2.3 Scientific selling
2.4 Setting up the VSL
2.5 Iterating your MVC

Week Three - Building Version 1

3.1 The anatomy of a program
3.2 Creating the program structure
3.3 Setting up the portal & community
3.4 Creating the content
3.5 Collaborative iterations

Week Four - 6 Rapid Promotional Strategies

4.1 30,000 foot view
4.2 Organic attraction methods
4.3 Paid attraction methods
4.4 Planning your attack

Week Five - 3 Proven Funnels

5.1 Introducing the machine
5.2 It's all about the numbers
5.3 The VSL funnel
5.4 The JIT webinar funnel
5.5 The 2k automated funnel

Week Six - FB Ads Unleashed

6.1 Facebook gameplan
6.2 Setting the foundations
6.3 Your ad hypothesis
6.4 Your audience hypothesis
6.5 Going live & testing
6.6 Troubleshooting
6.7 Daily workflow
6.8 Scaling

Week Seven - 8-Figure Mindset

7.1 Becoming the apex predator
7.2 Understanding thyself
7.3 Your new religion
7.4 High performance
7.5 Forming the pack

Week Eight - Building The Ultimate Course

8.1 Knowing when it's time
8.2 Identifiying holes
8.3 Seeing the front
8.4 Principles of design
8.5 Creating the content
8.6 Migrating users

Week Nine - Hiring & Managing FB Reps & Sales Reps

9.1 Consulting Nirvana
9.2 Hiring/managing FB reps
9.3 Hiring/managing sales reps
9.4 Operational excellence
9.5 Orchestrating the machine

Uplevel Consulting also has its own private Facebook group with more than 600 active members. Thus, compared to Consulting Accelerator, it is a more private group with some members making 7 to 8 figures. One great benefit to the Uplevel Consulting coaching Q&A calls is that Sam will literally answer your questions live over the phone.


Who Is Uplevel Consulting For?

Uplevel Consulting is for anyone who wants to get away from trading time for money through the done-for-you, one-on-one, or agency models. While there's nothing wrong with these models, time is limited and you can only service so many clients at one time. Thus, this puts a cap on your time and income, as there is only so much time in the day.


Is There A Discount For Joining Uplevel Consulting?

Yes. You can save $500 dollars to Uplevel Consulting by having me refer you. You may do this by contacting me through the contact page and I can provide you with further details.

Note: To receive your $500 discount, you must contact me prior to your strategy session with below. Also, please note that this discount only applies to new students of - current/former students of Consulting Accelerator are not eligible for the discount.


How To Join Uplevel Consulting

Joining Sam Ovens' Uplevel Consulting is easy. However, before speaking to a representative, you can get more information about the program first to make sure if it's a good fit for you, or not. Here’s a link to a demo for the Uplevel Consulting program:

Now, after checking out the demo above, if you feel that you're ready to speak to a person from about getting in, you may do so through this link:


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