My Sam Ovens Review On His Consulting Accelerator.

Who Is Behind My Sam Ovens Review?

My name is Neng Thao and I bought Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator Course in 2018.


I bought Consulting Accelerator because I was stuck in my business when it comes to getting clients. You see my background is in information technology (fancy word for techie person). And although I could understand and build websites and do other techie things, I've never really understood how business works in the real world. Because I've always worked for someone behind the scenes and just did what I was told.

Now that I'm on my own, it's quite a bit different when it comes to prospecting for clients. Sure, I joined local Chambers, meet and greets, ran ads, but with not much luck. Soon I realize that the problem was, yes, within me. My business communication sucks, and so did product offering. I couldn't resonate with people to their core and that's why nobody was buying. So I decided to joined Consulting Accelerator after watching his student's success stories on YouTube.

Upon joining Consulting Accelerator, Sam Ovens taught me how to understand business and people in general at a deeper level and why things turn out the way they do. And how that translates into business, where there are people who continuously struggle (the struggle bunnies), and people who put in less effort and just make it freakin rain (the rain makers). Sam breaks it down to a science.

About Sam Ovens

Alright enough about me. Let's talk about Sam Ovens and why you're here.

My goal for creating this website is to provide an honest review of my journey through Consulting Accelerator and what this Sam Ovens character is all about. Is he the real deal and is his program legitimate? And the most important question you may have is, "What's inside Consulting Accelerator and is there enough value to justify me spending the $1997 price tag?".

The quick answer to you is, "Yes", Sam Ovens is the real deal and his program is no scam. Sam Ovens may not be the most charismatic, or entertaining speaker out there, and there's been time where people who's seen his ads may think he's a paid actor or even a robot - words from the mouth of Sam Ovens himself. But don't be fooled so easily, because all them gurus you know about? Well, a lot of them are Sam's students.

Pushing all the superficiality out of the way, Sam Ovens is brilliant. Especially when it comes to human analysis, understanding systems, and simply how things work. That's why his program is so powerful. It's not a 10 step get-rich scheme/system. Consulting Accelerator is about understanding people and communications. The more you can understand others and what keeps them awake at night, the more you can improve and position yourself to fulfill their needs.

Thus, the Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program can essentially be broken down into these three basic parts (10x of course):

  1. Find out deep down what people really really want.
  2. Provide what they want.
  3. Learn how to reach them, so that you can give them what they really really want.

My passion is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing. I am also the founder of an SEO agency in Sacramento, CA. What I do is help businesses by driving targeted search traffic to their websites via the search engines or paid ads. If you want to learn more about me or what I do exactly, you can visit my website at or connect with on LinkedIn as well.



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