My Sam Ovens Review On His Consulting Accelerator.

10 Successful Sam Ovens Client Transformations

Here's a small list sample of 10 successful students who went through Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator. You will notice that some students were already successful, while others started from the bottom. Either way, the one constant is that with Sam Ovens program, by following the program, massive improvement can be achieved no matter what level you may be at.

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Sam Ovens Client - Jared Asher
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Jared Asher

After joining Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator, Jared Asher went from $4k to over 12k/month by helping personal trainers get customers with digital marketing. Jared soon realize his weakness was the service delivery and upon overcoming that, started obtaining success.


Sam Ovens Client - Dee Drew
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Dee Drew

Dee went from $0 to over $20k/month in the relationship niche by helping men attract life partners through personal and relationship coaching. Sam Ovens program provided clarity in structure and enabled her to make tough decisions, as well as focus and commitment.


Sam Ovens Client - Chris Wills
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Chris Wills

Chris was working odd jobs and making about $500/month before joining Consulting Accelerator. After working with Sam Ovens, he focused on helping financial advisers to get clients online. He's now making $25,000 month.


Sam Ovens Client - Jeweliet Tangen
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Jeweliet Tangen

Jewel quit her 9-5 job to making $30k/month helping accountants get clients online. Upon joining the program she didn't get far because she was all over the place. However, she quickly realized what is important and started to follow the program.


Sam Ovens Client - Todd Warren
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Todd Warren

Todd had a well paying job but didn't have the freedom as he wanted more free time with his family. Upon joing Sam Oven's program, he started working full time helping dentists get more patients. And before you know it was making well over 50k/month and of course quit his daytime job.


Sam Ovens Client - Vanessa Moss
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Vanessa Moss

Vanessa was utilizing classic methods of consulting but found herself getting burnt out. After becoming a member of Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator, Vanessa focused her efforts on helping coaches publish their books and become best sellers.


Sam Ovens Client - David Thompson
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David Thompson

David was well over 60k in debt before seeking Sam's help and starting his own digital marketing agency. He soon focused upon helping chiropractors get clients and the rest was history. Of course he quit his 9-5 shortly afterwards.


Sam Ovens Client - Jimmy Nicholas
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Jimmy Nicholas

Jimmy's business was successful doing about half a million dollars but eventually got stuck. He started working with Sam Ovens and in less than 12 months, his business doubled.


Sam Ovens Client - Joshua Harris
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Joshua Harris

Like many of us, Joshua started out modestly. He was only making 2k/month and decided to join Consulting Accelerator. And not long after, he found his niche by helping digital marketing agencies achieve results by leveraging machine learning and AI.


Sam Ovens Client - Connor Shelefontiuk
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Connor Shelefontiuk

Connor was a video game addict before Consulting Accelerator. He soon realized he couldn't achieve his goals because his addiction to video games was holding him back. Upon getting rid of the distractions, he's now making well over 400k/month.


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