My Sam Ovens Review On His Consulting Accelerator.

Sam Ovens Review - Is Sam Ovens Consulting A Scam, Fake, Or Legit?

Hey there, my name is Neng and here's my personal Sam Ovens review on his Consulting Accelerator program. To start, "yes", I have bought the program and is an active member.

With that said, is Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator program a scam, fake or legit? Well, you  are here because you have questions or need clarity, so hang in there and keep reading.

Here's what my Sam Ovens review will consist of:

  1. Who is Sam Ovens?
  2. What is Sam Selling?
  3. Is Sam Ovens a Scam?
  4. How much does Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator cost?
  5. Who is Consulting Accelerator not for?
  6. Who Can Benefit From Consulting Accelerator?
  7. What's Included in Consulting Accelerator
  8. Why Did I Buy?
  9. What I Like About Consulting Accelerator
  10. What I Felt Could Be Improved
  11. Is Consulting Accelerator Worth the Price Tag?
  12. Conclusion

Who Is Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens is an entrepreneur from Auckland, New Zealand. He's known for quitting the corporate world, and dropping out of college to launch a consulting empire from his parent's garage. And from the infamous garage Sam crushed the New Zealand plumbing marketing market by understanding what his customers want by "asking them" directly. With that market skill in his repertoire, Sam soon took over the home inspection market through the development of Snap Inspect. A software as a service (SaaS) that helps home inspectors bring their processes online. He soon sold Snap Inspect as he wanted to move onto something more aligned with his calling.

a picture of Sam Ovens in blue suit

Shortly afterwards, Sam soon realized that he needed to be in a bigger market if he wanted to make the kind of impact he envisioned. Thus bye -bye New Zealand and the move to New York City where he started Sam is on a mission to educate the world about entrepreneurship and to help people realize the stark reality that it is indeed possible to escape the rat race and truly pursue their passion in life.

Sam Ovens' Garage Office
The infamous parent's garage where it all started for Sam Ovens.

Fasting forward, Sam started the website and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. In 2017, Sam Ovens was also declared one of Forbes 30 under 30 list of successful entrepreneurs and has an estimated net worth of over $65 million dollars.

Today, Sam Ovens is happily married to his wife Ashleigh Ovens (long time girlfriend from New Zealand), has a kitten, puppy or two, studies all things Jeff Bezos, and lives and manages from a beach house in Venice, California.

a picture of Sam & wife Ashleigh Ovens
a picture of Sam & wife Ashleigh Ovens


What Is Sam Selling?

Sam Ovens' website, promotes and offers a program entitled 'Consulting Accelerator'. Consulting Accelerator is a six week consulting training program that was designed from Sam Ovens' personal business experience to help people in these three primary focuses:

picture of Sam Ovens holding book

  1. To provide step-by-step instructions for people to realize their entrepreneurial spirit by becoming a consultant and to eventually quite their 9-5 grind.
  2. Aid struggling businesses or consultants and take their businesses to the next level by restructuring their business offerings, marketing strategies, and sales that will ultimately take them to the next level.
  3. Provide a "rinse and repeat", proven, and repeatable process to acquire clients.

Sam Ovens is confident the program will work for anyone with an open mind to trial his program. He goes on to state that if you follow the program to a T, you will land your first client within 42 days. I have not seen the stats on this, but the premise behind this claim is that you will land a client relatively fast, and make back your investment on the program and then some down the line.


Is Sam Ovens A Scam?

picture of Sam Ovens sitting on desk

Let's just address this question now. To be fare, let's base this question on claims made in the Consulting Accelerator webinar. After all, that's what most people see before deciding whether the program is a fit or not.

Starting off, Sam provides disclaimers. And it stated that it's not a get rich quick scheme, no black hat software, or a 1-button click system. As well as the results obtained by him and his students are not typical. Instead, you will need to learn real business strategies and skills in the program in order to be successful.

Next, the title of the webinar is "How to start a wildly profitable consulting business and get your first high value client in 42 days". Sam mentions that in order to start a successful consulting business, you just need to do these three things:

  1. You need to rewire your brain and be a new person.
  2. Find a niche and an offer that provides real value to people.
  3. You need a proven & repeatable process to attract/convert clients.

Now, each of these topic, he goes into a fare bit of detail  about. An hour's worth of it in fact. Just to give people an understanding of the concept of how these components are interwoven and work together.

Shortly afterwards, Sam Ovens informs that these concepts was all there is to it. There's two paths now. The first, the viewer can then just go apply it themselves by trial and error. Or the second, which is to buy and learn from his experience through his Consulting Accelerator program. He wasn't baiting or misleading in any way.

Full Transparency

He also answered the question of how he was going to help people get their first client in 42 days. This was  to be done with one of his five organic methods.

So for anybody who bought the program, they knew exactly what they were getting. As well as what it consisted of, as he was very transparent. Whether the person bought the program or not is a personal decision or lack of fit. Therefore, being a Consulting Accelerator member and having gone through the program myself, I can assure you that Sam Ovens is not a scam.


How Much Does Consulting Accelerator Cost?

Consulting Accelerator is $1,997 dollars or you can also stretch it out in 5 payments of $597 each.

NOTE: If you are interested in a trial run of Sam Ovens' consulting program, you're in luck. Sam currently has a limited time offer running and I can grant you a 7-day trial access for FREE. Also, should you want to invest in the program during this time, I can save you an additional $500 off the regular price of $1,997. This makes your investment only $1,497. Cancel before the 7-days and pay nothing.

All you need to do, is click on this Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator discount link. Then, provide your name and email, to claim your FREE 7-day trial plus $500 discount - that's it.


Who Is Consulting Accelerator Not For?

In the interest of saving time, you may stop reading this Sam Ovens review if you feel any of the thoughts below disqualifies you from further pursuit or interest in the program.

a frustrated man

First of all, let's get something straight here, Consulting Accelerator is not for everyone! It's a relatively expensive program, so it's only for people who's quite serious and willing to put some skin into the game per say. Also, just because you buy the course, does not guarantee you will be rich and successful, if even make a single dollar at all.

If you're looking for the fancy tools or application to buy that will automate set-up of your business as well as conduct business processes on your behalf, it's not here.  If you aren't ready to commit at least a conservative 100 hundred hours, that's right 100 hundred hours towards learning and rehashing your reality, Consulting Accelerator is most definitely not for you.

It revolves around learning and building solid fundamentals of business, not gimmicks.  Although the marketing may seem to imply it, it is by no means a "get rich quick" program at all. In fact, the approach Sam has towards success is very  "old-school", just with modern flares.

a video of Sam Ovens on a call with a former video game addict - now consultant
Sam Ovens on a live call with a former video game addict - now consultant.

Not Kindapreneurs Friendly

Sales!, what can I say about sales, the "beef" of Sam's program revolves around phone calls and closing customers. So if you're just petrified about interactions with strangers, and refuse to overcome this personal obstacle, the program will not work for you. Sam is constantly harping about the one thing the most successful students have in common - the thousands of strategy sessions. The more you do, the better seasoned you'll be, and of course the more clients you'll close.

Think of Consulting Accelerator as a blueprint that will lay out a detail plan of how to build a successful consulting practice (or product based business). Sounds awesome right? But, you still need to go out and build it! As mentioned earlier, expect to put in a lot of hours in learning the training, then going out to the 'real' world and executing what you learned, failing, getting feedback, making adjustments, and trying again, and again. Then, only for those who can endure criticism, rejections, hardship, loneliness, and still find the spirit to not give up and persist on... perhaps will find success.

Don't expect to go into Consulting Accelerator without investing more money beyond the initial program ticket. I want to make this review on Sam Ovens clear that Sam does in no way try to nickel and dime his students. However, to get the maximum benefit out of the Consulting Accelerator strategies and tactics, you most likely will need to invest in additional calendaring, funnel, and CRM software. These additional software is not proprietary to Sam Ovens and can be procured on your own.


a video of Sam Ovens's Fragmentation Funnel
Sam Ovens' Consulting program provides a free fragmentation sales funnel for members. This is how to integrate it with your website.


Who Can Benefit From Consulting Accelerator?

Sam Ovens at the NYSE

Consulting Accelerator is for people who's fed up with the "Rat Race" and want to venture on their own and build something they can be proud of. It's for people who want to jump right into the game and learn from someone who's already paved the way. Why start from scratch and learn everything the hard way, waste time and money, when you can be handed a blue print to just go build it?

Let's take for example if you had to build an airplane by yourself, how would you go about doing it? Would you dump a bunch of money and go spend years in school learning about physics from someone who's never built a plane but understands the theory behind flight. Or would you just go directly to the Wright Brothers and invest a much smaller chunk of money, and they give you the blueprint for a proven design? As well as the list of building materials, and a trusted contractor to do it for you? This is a no-brainer right? As 99.999% of us would do the latter and seek an expert.

Thus far with this review, if I have given you the impression that Consulting Accelerator is only for noobs who are frustrated with their lives and are naive to the business world, that is totally not the case at all. Although the program is designed for total green horns to follow, savvy and experienced business entrepreneurs will most likely get results faster out of the gate. That is because the program does a fantastic job at explaining the successful consulting journey in details, that experienced entrepreneurs can easily identify what they've done wrong and take the appropriate measures to correct it.

a video of Sam Ovens on live call with customer on using Facebook Ads
Sam Ovens on live call with customer on using Facebook Ads.


What's Included In Consulting Accelerator

To start off, Sam Oven's Consulting Accelerator is over 104 hours worth of video, so it's not something to take lightly. And it's not one of them program's where you only listen once. Far from it. To truly be able to take it in and absorb this behemoth of course, most student's, myself included, need to go through it multiple times. Then we find ourselves coming back for a refresher every so often.

Screenshot of Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator
Screenshot of Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator

Now, as far as the "general" topics covered in Consulting Accelerator, I would say that it is not unique to Sam Ovens and you could say something along the lines of "it's out there". However, where the program really shines is Sam Ovens understanding and implementation of strategies and techniques to the Nth degree - it truly is next level stuff. For example, you may recognize this slogan from Bruce Lee, "It's not the man who knows a hundred kicks that I fear, it's the man who only knows one kick". Sam's teaching is molded in this fashion, do less but implement it at such a high level, that nobody can touch you.

When I bought the Consulting Accelerator, I thought perhaps Sam would just teach you techniques on marketing, sales, and Facebook ads, but there was more, much much more. What I really bought was a 6 week training program on mindset, psychology, marketing (tactics), sales (closing scripts), and this thing called a niche 2.0 (what the heck is a niche 2.0 anyways? Trust me, you will want to know it.)...very extensive Facebook training (over 24 hours worth in fact), operations, how to scale your business, a very supportive Facebook consulting community, and more.

Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator program, is as follows:

Core Program:

  • Week 1 - Fundamentals and Foundations (Understanding the law of nature and how to be the most effective consultant)
  • Week 2 - New Paradigm & World View (Best life changing mindset training I've come across)
  • Week 3 - Alchemy of Client Conversion (Why people buy and how to position as a master salesman)
  • Week 4 - Alchemy of Client Attraction  (Organic and paid client attraction strategies and war plan)
  • Week 5 - Fractal Facebook Evolution (The most comprehensive Facebook training - period)
  • Week 6 - Minimum Viable Service Delivery (Taking care of your clients and scaling)
  • Bonus Week - (Secret material)

the Consulting Accelerator product

Facebook Consulting Accelerator Community

There are over ten thousand members in the group to bounce ideas, review materials, and support each other. We've all bought programs with a Facebook community, but this one is more active in my experience - probably due to the sheer size of it. Also, one thing that's great and lifts my spirit is when someone acquires a client and shares the joy with the community. And if you're sincere, you could even ask how'd they did it and get a revealing response. Having community support like this is food for the soul and keeps you going.

Live Weekly Questions & Answer

Consulting Accelerator Questions and Answer Session Screenshot
Consulting Accelerator Questions and Answer Session Screenshot

As you can imagine with a sophisticated training program such as Consulting Accelerator, there will be questions, many of them. To address these questions and nurture his students along the path to success, Sam Ovens currently has two additional coaches dedicated to hosting a question and answer session. These run live every Monday at 12 PM and Friday at 7 PM EST, or as Sam refers to it as New York time. As far as length of time goes, these two sessions usually average out between one and a half to two hours long. Pretty much until all questions have been answered.

Now, typically on Saturdays at 3 PM EST, we are in for a treat as Sam Ovens himself hosts the Q&A alone and goes one for two hours or so. Sam's session differs from the two coaches in that his is very personal. Whereas the coaches will only focus on concerns with the program, Sam will share information on what's happening with himself, his family,, and pretty much answer anything else. Yes, you can even ask him about his favorite flavor of La Croix and he's more than happy to tell you it's Pamplemousse.

Sam is always evolving his program with the times and regularly tests theories, as well as updates on what's trending in strategies, tools, and methodologies for client getting.


Why Did I Buy?

Here'a little background first. I started my own digital marketing agency a little over a year ago and devoted a lot of energy and focus to learning how digital marketing works. Soon afterwards, I started getting results and I was pretty stoked up about it. However, when it was time to focus on the business side of it, such as client getting, I really, really struggled.

a frustrated businessman

What I've been doing is probably what most entrepreneurs do. That is establishing all sorts of social media accounts, attending chamber meetings, other types of networking, email marketing,  etc. And although that may work here and there, it's a lot of energy and time spent. It also had no ability to correlate the activity to getting more consulting clients. As many people say, it's nothing more than "hope marketing", because it's true.

So upon doing research on how to attract and get more consulting clients systematically, I came across Sam Ovens. Saw his ad about what separates a struggle bunny and rainmaker consultant really resonated with me. Especially, about real businesses being able to spend money to get clients every time in a systematic format. And those businesses can track and account for the cost of acquisition down to the nearest dollar.

It made sense. Because if you don't have a method for producing more business, you pretty much only have an expensive hobby. That's the difference between the struggle bunnies and rainmakers.

So I bought Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator program.


What I Like About Consulting Accelerator

This program is huge! Sam Ovens is not skimping on material and does not back fill any of it with filler. There are some students who even joke that there's too much material. The training section is drip feed on a week to week format. Each topic is narrated by Sam in a video format with plenty of illustrative examples. He also provides the lessons in a transcript and mp3 format as well.

the human mindset

The mindset training is out of this world! It made me realize and see how the world works in a different perspective. What's funny is, I originally went into this program just looking for the Facebook training. In the end, the mindset turned out to be the most powerful and life changing section for me.

The sales and marketing training is awesome as well with I kid you not, a level 10 closing script! If you want Facebook training, look no further. Seriously, this can be a course on its own and is well worth the near $2,000 price tag by itself. The Facebook community is very supportive, helpful, and keeps you motivated.

Also Sam is always revamping the program and when he does, those updates are tossed in for no additional charge. There's also plenty of support as he has two other coaches hosts 2 weekly question and answer sessions. And to top that off, Sam himself, also hosts an additional 2 hour weekly q&a of his own, so you can interact with him as well.


Is Consulting Accelerator Worth the Price Tag?

All that matters when you invest nearly two grand into a course is how you feel inside afterwards. I can't speak for others, but for me personally, I'd say yes, it is worth the price tag and more. Because, the value that I received from the program was worth the investment and time. And here's why. I believe the information and training I received would have surpassed years of trial and error on my part, should I went at it on my own.

As you well know, one of the fastest success model is through a mentor-ship.


My Conclusion

There you have it folks, my personal review on Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator training program. If you were to only get one thing out of my Sam Ovens review, it's this. Some of the topics and concepts in Consulting Accelerator may not be totally unique to Sam Ovens. Such as mindset training, sales, marketing, Facebook, etc. However, where this program really rises above others is at the level of execution Sam takes each concept. That sets it apart from everyone else. So much so, that if you were to buy the program, you will soon notice this. A lot of other "gurus" that you may have come across on the web, was trained by Sam Ovens.

a video of Sam Ovens's mastermind
Sam is the real deal! If you pay attention here, you will recognize some big names who's part of his mastermind.

I have bought many programs for a lot more money than this. But, none of them were this detailed (over 100 hours), well thought out, and put together. Remember there are no gimmicks, stupid tricks, or exploiting a temporary loophole somewhere! Sam believes in using proven strategies and concepts that will flow with today's ever changing time and  technologies.

I hope that my review was able to provide you a bit more clarity on Sam Ovens's. So, if you are considering purchasing Sam's program to get out of the rut, I'd say go for it. I was there at one point as well and was glad I did. Remember that Sam is giving you a full 14 days money back guarantee as well. Just be sure to watch the course and perform the exercise and you really have nothing to lose.

Please be forewarned that the opinions expressed here are only my own. As my experience and skill level in business will most likely differ from that of other students who's taken the same course, so they will most likely have a different opinion of their own. Therefore, you should take what I have to say with a grain of salt.



a picture of Sam Ovens Consulting Review

With that said, if you are interested in a trial run of Sam Ovens' consulting program, you're in luck. Sam currently has a limited time offer running and I can grant you a 7-day trial access for FREE. Also, should you want to invest in the program during this time, I can save you an additional $500 off the regular price of $1,997. This makes your investment only $1,497. Cancel before the 7-days and pay nothing.

All you need to do, is click on this Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator discount link. Then, provide your name and email, to claim your FREE 7-day trial plus $500 discount - that's it.


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